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Our team always makes sure to follow a strict privacy policy while dealing with the client’s queries regarding Kindle WiFi setup issues. Certain kind of information may be required while solving the client’s quires and we always respect the confidentiality of our client’s personal information.

What Kind of Information Our Team Can Required?

Contact Information: While guiding the callers regarding Kindle WiFi setup issues, our team members may required the contact information of client. That contact information includes the Name, Phone number, E-Mail address or contact information.

Payment Details: Our team also provides certain kind of plans to the callers. It is totally up to them whether they want to purchase the plans or not. If they are agreeing to take our plan obviously we will need the payment details so callers can pay the required amount of money.

Any Other Information: There are many other kinds of information we may required during the call like demographic information etc.

All the Information we Collect is Totally Safe

As explained above, our executives may require certain kind of information while talking to our callers and solving their queries regarding Kindle WiFi setup. We always make sure not to share that contact information with anyone else.

We are not from the service providers who use to cell such kind of information to third parties and that third party can actually use that information for the cheap marketing needs.

You Can Contact Us Regarding the Privacy Policy

If you have any kind of quires or doubts regarding our privacy policy you can surely contact us to clear your doubts. Our Toll-Free-Number is 1800-603-4024 and we are available 24/7 for any kind of queries.